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21 Funny Tweets That'll Kill Your Sunday Blues

Need some darkness, but your local meme lord isn't cutting it. Say no more! Do we have the solution for you.

Twitter is a hive of scum and villainy, including our favorite two-faced chubby orange monster, Ernie and his friend Bert. It is also the quickest way to shake off the dread of the coming week and laugh in the face of danger and all those mistakes you made at the bar last night. If you're looking or some solid Sunday memes, look no further.

Sunday Memes

Trying to keep your inexplicable good mood on this most auspicious of days? Check out some more sanguine snaps here. And if all you want are just some normal, regular, Sunday memes, then there you go. Or perhaps just some funny tweets? Whatever it takes. Sometimes simpler is better.

Funny and random tweets.
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