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Celebrities Go Bad in Viral 'Evil X Be Like' Memes

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33 Lyrical Memes For Music Nerds

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Punny Musical Upgrade Memes Are Low Effort And High Reward

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So True

Pic of Squidward setting up his lawn chair next to text that reads, "Finding a good song by someone you've never heard before" above a pic of Squidward packing up the lawn chair next to text that reads, "Realizing none of their other songs are like that song"
Via _pls_end_my_suffering_

The Struggle of a Concert Dad

dads cellphones kids bands - 8572542464
By anselmbe (Via For GIFs)

Guess Who's Not in The Band Anymore

dancing FAIL gifs bands - 8572944640
By Unknown

The Challenge of Picking Up Metal Bands From the Airport

metal Music metal bands black metal bands - 8350921984

Couldn't Resist

bands FAIL gifs trip - 8314194688
bands hipsters Music twitter - 209412

Who Are They?

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Money Wasted

Music bands expectation vs reality - 8184282624
By Komega

The Challenge of Picking Up Metal Bands From the Airport

bands black metal metal Music metal bands - 8083831040
By Unknown

Slow Drummers Need to Hurry Up

drummers bands - 7947458816
By Unknown

And Then They All Cheered

Music idiots bands - 7742791168
By Unknown

Just Tellin' It Like It Is, Mate...

bands - 7657378560
By Unknown

Childhood Redeemed

Like a Boss acdc led zeppelin Music childhood rock bands - 7508923136
By Unknown

Turn Up the Bass!

bass bands funny - 7516563712
By Shelbinator265280
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