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Music Memes for Music Machines

There’s a lot to laugh about when it comes to music. Whether you’re a band nerd, hobbyist, producer, metalhead, or whatever else , it doesn’t matter. If you know anything about music, you can find some humor in making fun of it. Now, I'm no expert on music. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to become familiar with the basics. I grew up playing alto sax and I’ve played bass for a few bands. Casual stuff. If there’s anything I’ve learned, band kids are ostracized for a reason, and people who…
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Aesthetic Thread Reveals Album Covers That Look Exactly Like How the Album Sounds

Good design
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Ticketmaster Gouges Cheap Tickets With Unethical Fees, Turns $80 Tickets Into $172 Tickets

They can't keep getting away with this!
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A compilation of memes about band and marching band

Marching Band Memes For Bonafide Band Geeks

Those who were never band kids don't know how much spit is involved. Sure, other extracurriculars like baseball might inspire youths to become chronic spitters, but the school band takes it to a new level. If you play a woodwind instrument, you've got to moisten your reed up with spit, and if you don't, it will probably sound not very good. If you play a brass instrument, you have a "spit valve." When you play your instrument, the moisture from your lips travels through your instrument and buil…
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A compilation of musical notations with threatening vibes

Musical Notations With Insane Vibes

I played a musical instrument once. I played it in one of the most lawless music arenas known to man: the middle school band. During my time as a 12-year-old trombone artist, I was kind of killing it. The best thing about trombone is that most of the notes they need you to play are very easy. I remember distinctly that, in our flawless rendition of Don’t Stop Believin’ , I only had to play two notes. I had my knowledge of bass clef and my lips that fit perfectly inside the mouthpiece pulling me…
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People Imagine What the Craziest Concerts Would Be if Band Names Were Literal

Scary mental images
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Tattooist Gets Roasted For Inking Song Link On Customer That Could Be “New Rickroll”

File under "Songs That Trigger My Fight Or Flight Response".
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Funny memes about music | someone long have been playing instrument 10 years then: so good at crying cat being interviewed | need help singing higher notes SHURE

Fifteen Music Memes For Any Kind Of Music Enthusiast

Calling all drummers, singers, band geeks, and any other kind of music lover!
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Funny memes about music | 2020: music sheet | just want take break practice and empty my thoughts just gaze into distance mountain and trees reflecting in water to create the shape of a violin

Sixteen Band Geek Memes For Musical Nerds

Sup band geeks?
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Funny memes about band, music | music sheet stuck under person's hat forgets stand | Yeah practice. practice: P- No R Don't C

Fifteen Band Memes For The Musicians Who Should Be Practicing

Memes for orch dorks and band geeks!
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Funny memes about being in band, music | Everyone else band tuning drummer: U/BEN METAL Whack Hannibal Buress | Practicing at home. Practicing teacher is talking. made with mematic Drakeposting

Twenty-Eight Musical Memes For The Band Geeks

Memes for people who were in high school marching band.
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Funny memes about Smash Mouth, All Star, Shrek | MY BROTHER ANOTHER MOTHER STEVE SMASH MOUTH. Aarón If they kiss beard will be completed lol Unlike Reply 37 54 mins Guy Fieri | JI All Star but 's played on sharpest tool my shed 726K views 43K 4K Share Download Add Joe Jenkins D SUBSCRIBE 59K subscribers

Fourteen Smash Mouth Memes That Somebody Once Told Us About

The years start coming and they don't stop coming.
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Funny memes about being in band or orchestra

Musical Memes For The Band Geeks And Orch Dorks

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Please Don't

Funny meme about bands who encourage their fans to destroy the venue
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Admit It, We All Do This

Fake headline that reads, "'I'll have to check that show out!' says woman who has already forgotten the title" above a pic of a curly-haired young woman
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Who Writes These Questions...

Caption that reads, "That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works" above a pic of a math question that reads, "An orchestra of 120 players takes 40 minutes to play Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. How long would it take for 60 players to play the Symphony? Let P be number of players and T the time playing"
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