This One Hurt

Funny meme about how the dodgeball that's stuck in the gym is lonelier than a teenage girl
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Funny meme about a text from Sargent Balles, sargent balls | Hello! Today 11:17 PM who is this?? This is Sargent Balles with the US Marines. How are you this evening? sar ent balls Lol Read
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exercise gym fail ouch working out funny

Innocent Exercise Session Turns To Pain After Unexpected Nut-Shot

Be careful out there, boys.
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The More You Know

Funny meme about the avengers, the infinity stones, testicles.
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Trust No One

Funny meme about dog.
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Just Sayin, Dudes

funny memes the louder the monkey
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I Locked Up After, Though

balls IRL cars - 8749303552
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That One-Two Punch

funny prank gifs laundry basket door nuts
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balls nuts prank Video - 75710977

These Guys Use a Drone to T-Bag Unsuspecting Californians

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balls wtf invention - 75398913

WTF of The Day: This Guy is Crowdfunding His Realistic Scrotum Backpack

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It's Not Too Hard to Keep Yourself Entertained

balls gifs cute Cats - 8572959744
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Way To Hit The Balls, Kid!

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Horned-Sheep Attempts to Hit Soccer Ball

balls critters gifs sheep - 8567783936
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balls car eww nuts - 4381350144
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One Can Only Hope to Be as Entertained as This Dog

balls dogs gifs - 8549325568
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