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Another Abominable Collection of the Worst Tweets of All Time

Awful scenes
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Some of the Worst Tweets Of All Time In 1 Painful Thread

We often highlight some of the funniest jokes that Twitter has to offer for those who normally wouldn't go near the bird website with a ten-foot pole. But it would be a lie to portray Twitter as anything other than a cesspool of horrific takes and the sort of cringe that can only come from brains rotted by the internet. For those of us sickos who can't get enough of social media's cringiest moments, @benner's thread is a goldmine of the worst tweets ever twote. Before you dive into this content…
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bad takes from people on twitter | Pro-tip: If an indie pro wrestler who's helping pay medical bills by selling XXX pics/videos fans via DM, maybe don't ignore some those fans after receiving their s, if don't want get out

Bad Twitter Takes That Are The Definition Of 'Yikes'

You might end up regretting that.
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