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Gamer’s Dumb Take on Femininity Gets Roasted With Memes

We're sad to report that there are still gamers in 2023 who are not only mad about seeing realistic depictions of female human characters in video games, but also feel inclined to tweet about their bad opinions no one asked for. Case in point, one dude called @poliwar_94 on Twitter recently announced his approval of the faceless femme robot twins from Atomic Heart and used them as an example of a good representation of femininity in video games, while expressing contempt for studios that create…
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People clap back at woman who says men cant drink fruity drinks

People Slam Woman For Saying Men Shouldn't Order Fruity Drinks

This kind of BS is so toxic.
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Danish Dude Claims There Are No Old People In NYC, New Yorkers Clap Back

Another day, another bad Twitter take. It's amazing how confident some people are when expressing incredibly dumb opinions. Today's winner of the bold stupidity prize is Paul Hünermund , an assistant professor in Copenhagen, Denmark. You never see old people in the streets of NYC. In Copenhagen you do. It's a real city, not just some romcom dream for 20-somethings. — Paul Hünermund (@PHuenermund) February 5, 2022 Hünermund managed to piss off a whole lot of Twitter users from the Big Apple with…
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Funny tweets roasting a guy to say that tomatoes are for women

Fragile Dude Roasted For Saying Tomatoes Are For Women

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Bad & Batshit Takes on the Subject of Masculinity

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Arwen Silences Bad Takes in New 'Lord of the Rings' Meme Format

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'Unpopular Opinion' About Working Weekends Gets Roasted by the Internet

Some people just don't know how to have fun.
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bad takes from people on twitter | Pro-tip: If an indie pro wrestler who's helping pay medical bills by selling XXX pics/videos fans via DM, maybe don't ignore some those fans after receiving their s, if don't want get out

Bad Twitter Takes That Are The Definition Of 'Yikes'

You might end up regretting that.
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Journalist Gets Roasted After Claiming Horror Movies Can't Be Set In Space

Guess she hasn't seen 'Event Horizon'
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funny responses to anti-grilling article, twitter

Anti-Grilling Take Ignites the Ire of Dads Everywhere

Take it back!
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Stupid and funny tweets about phoebe bridgers smashing her guitar on Saturday Night Live Dan Levy | Mia Andrea @miagandrea ladies and gentlemen, my mom moments after watching phoebe bridgers perform | i know the end: Why she angry? | @mmpadellan Why did this woman, Phoebe Bridgers, destroy her guitar on SNL? I mean, I didn't care much for the song either, but that seemed extra.

Twitter Has A Lot To Say About Phoebe Bridgers' SNL Performance

Since when is smashing a guitar so controversial?
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funny cringey twitter thread about how it's racist to assume that pinched fingers are italian | tweet by Sonia Putana Gupta @soniagupta504 LOL pinched fingers gesture is not just Italian exists all over world. If first instinct is say s Italian, there's good chance have very Eurocentric and white-washed view world. unregistered hyperfam 2 @lil_gimpy Replying soniagupta504 thank finally decolonizing fingers. GreenSwede @GreenArgGiant Replying soniagupta504 who cares people think just gesture

SJW Gets Ripped Apart For Terrible Take On New Emojis

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