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Pet owners share what they would do if a person was rude to their cat, dog, or pet, tweets, twitter thread

Pet Owners Discuss How to Deal With People Who Are Rude to Their Animal Friends

How DARE they
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Shameful cringey moments of gatekeeping, tweets, twitter, yikes, rude, gaming, masculinity | THIS is FAMILY THIS is NOT FAMILY homophobic t shirts | Sitting front craft beer couple at Twins game and they keep going NOT BEER poor vendors selling Bud Light. Imagine being so uninteresting think this counts as personality

19 Cringetastic Moments Of Obnoxious Gatekeeping

Get off that high horse, y'all.
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wtf, cringe, stupid people, iamatotalpieceofshit, reddit, videos, jerk, rude, fail, terrible people, bad people

Total Jerks Who Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

Humanity is doomed
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Cringe and crazy posts, karens, moms, mommy facebook group, parenting

Cringe & Crazy Posts From the Dumbest Corners of Mommy Groups

As a non-parent by choice, I have nothing against children. While some childless folk decry the practice of having kids, I believe that we should all just focus on ourselves and do what makes us happy. The only part of child-rearing that offends me is the absolute insanity that some mothers display in their Facebook groups and forums . They're filled to the brim with unhinged anti-vax sentiments, bogus claims about the healing powers of essential oils and breast milk - all on top of mind-boggli…
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Cringey times people tried to look cool on the internet, bad people, tacky people, attention-seekers

Cringey Attention-Seekers Who Were Desperate For Clout

For shame.
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Cringey gatekeeping, gatekeepers, cringe, bad people, tweets, twitter, misogyny

Insufferable Gatekeepers Who Should Really Let People Live

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Funny and sassy times that restaurant owners responded to reviews.

15+ Sassy Times Owners Responded to Restaurant Reviews

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Bad people, terrible people, shitty people, animal abuse, wtf | Anonymous asked Politics Government Law Ethics 1 decade ago Can make male baby sitter pay child support single mom going college with my sister currently rent an apartment together couple weeks ago asked my neighbor trustworthy guy, if he could watch kids two hours while went class and my sister wasn't home, and he agreed. If he babysits and doesn't accept pay, can sue him child support because he took on fatherly

15+ Bad People Who Deserve to Be Shamed

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Bad people from the r/iamatotalpieceofshit subreddit, funny, yikes, fail, cringe | Dear Waitress sorry, but won't be looking eye today, because then have endure nose piercing, and piercings on ears, and those giant hoops make look like central Africa circa 500 AD think look disgusting, and don't want see tattoos either. Why don't quit marking yourself up and piercing yourself as if have low self- esteem while trying disguise as some sort style is lowest class style can go my book. Just bring my

Bad People Who Need A Double Dose Of Karma

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I am complaining about the Spaghetti hack and Nacho hack influencers, Prego, tweets, twitter, nachos, facebook, wasteful, trending

Please Stop Falling For Engagement-Baiting Influencer 'Food Hacks'

We are begging you
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Cringey nice guys and girls, cringey texts, facebook exchanges

Cringey 'Nice Guys' And Girls Who Need To Get A Clue

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