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Twitter users roast DJ Khaled for playing guitar badly, fail, bob marley, marley family, roasted, insulted, hilarious

DJ Khaled Roasted For Cringey Attempt at Guitar Playing

Surprise, surprise. Pleasing women isn't the only thing DJ Khaled is woefully bad at. The revelation came after the DJ and producer was gifted a new commemorative Bob Marley guitar by Guild and the Marley family. The instrument came with a personal note from the Marleys, explaining that they wanted Khaled to be one of the first to play the guitar as he has immense respect for the beloved musician. Unfortunately for them, it appears the sentiment was a huge mistake. Why? Because the dude can bar…
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37 Soul-Freeing Memes For When Your Mind Needs To Wander

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Is Nothing Sacred?

Funny tweet about Pitbull covering Africa by toto, twitter, aquaman.
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Jamming: Not Even Once

Tweet that reads, "Give a man some jam and he can enjoy a nice piece of toast. Teach a man to jam and his Phish cover band will ruin your wedding"
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17 Ridiculous Ed Sheeran Memes To Get You Laughing Out Loud

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Advertisement for a new Bhad Bhabie song, someone comments below "What a time to be deaf"