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BAd and cringey facebook memes

Corny and Stupid Memes From the Unfunny Pits of Facebook

Does anyone actually use Facebook anymore? I find myself asking that question every time I log in for work. And each time I'm surprised by the number of people sharing their boring thoughts and baby pics on the godforsaken social networking site. While there are a lot of people contributing to some solid “Weird Facebook” groups and themed meme pages, the most vocal characters on Zuckerburg's sinister brainchild are decidedly unfunny, bordering on unhinged. We're talking middle aged women who po…
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Terrible and Hammy Memes From the Murky Depths of Facebook

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A Potpourri of Funny Memes & Things

About a year ago I deactivated Instagram for the sake of my mental health . It's crazy how much time these apps can take up if you're not careful. Scrolling aimlessly through one's infinite feed is addictive. It starts innocently: you plant your bum on the toilet and start tapping on Instagram stories of people you barely know, or scrolling past the boring posts from your married friends in the hopes of finding something funny. Before you know it, it's been an hour, your ass is numb, and you'll…
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deep memes, profound, cringe, cringe memes, cringeworthy, yikes, teenagers, teen angst, emo, deep posts, society, we live in a society, funny memes, memes, satire, facebook, reddit, depression |  wrong Read 12:33 AM miss so much x Nothing autocorrect | Quotes and feelings 3 @2amtextz Are okay fine F- faking smile insecure N- numb everything E- emotionally unstable

20 Comically Cringe Posts That Were Meant To Be Profound

Sprinkled with scrumptious satire
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20 Times Meme Formats Were Hilariously Misused

Delightfully dumb anti-memes
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Bad Memes, Cringe Memes, Fail, Facebook, Memes, Dad Jokes, Stupid Memes | Principal son always causes trouble here school Dad: He always cause trouble at home, did ever call Dad Principal | just had my first kiss Like foreal with lady? Yeah MOM DOESNT COUNT! Yeah but urs does START WRITING WILL! O Send Destruction Level: 100

30+ People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed To Meme

These memes are beyond terrible
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20 Comically Literal Memes That Hurt the Bones

When making a meme, it's best not to try too hard. The more you try and say something deep about society, the more you're likely to end up posting cringe. The lunatics over at r/bonehurtingjuice take an entirely different approach. They take popular meme formats and cartoons and misuse them on purpose, resulting in hilariously literal memes that are so bad they're good. The sub itself describes its content this way: 'Imagine you're a 10 year old kid who just discovered the internet a week ago an
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A Thorough Explanation of ‘I Forgor’ and Why Everyone Hates It

The internet is down to its last two braincells.
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Dreadful Posts & Cursed Memes That Were Accidentally Funny

Comedy for masochists
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wtf, funny memes, bad memes, terrible facebook memes, memes, shitposts, boomer humor, fail, cringe, facepalm, dad jokes, puns | Someone sent an email about using VODKA cleaning around house WORKED more vodka drank cleaner house looked!! Minion in maid outfit | Santa want dragon Be realistic Ok want girlfriend Which colour dragon do need Forever alone Crying Michael Jackson

Memes That Are So Bad They're Actually Kinda Good

Terrible, bottom of the barrel content
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cringey memes, cringe, deep memes, stupid memes, emo, funny memes, bad memes, facebook memes, we live in a society, deep | trying fix my life all focused on yellow tape, but real support here is other bricks help us be one again and not letting us crumble. | iMessage Today 7:23 PM 1) woke up 2)1 went school 3) saw my crush 4 hugged her 5 kissed her Read 7:23 PM Let guess correct order is 2,3,4,5,1 394.4K Forever Alone

20 Cringey Memes That Are Too Deep For Society

Memes that take themselves very seriously
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Funny and cringey posts on Reddit | r/inflation Inflation fetish Im 12 and have inflation fetish want she inflation video found youtube wrong r/ man This sub is about economic inflation | r/antinatalism 4y Join People should eat other people instead other animals there's nothing wrong with cannibalism fact endorse wouldn't mind trying out at some time myself think all innocent animals who are needlessly bred slaughtered just all those people who eat meat want these animals die just because they

20 Cringey Times Reddit Was Terrible

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Funny and cringey Facebook boomer memes | Sir, please understand buy an anti-depressant pill need proper prescription Simply showing marriage certificate wife's picture is not enough at CartoonGenie | She asked Grandma present Frozen" collection. Steamabla Great Value Frozen Mixed Vegetables Came, Gruen Beans, Com Fas

Cringeworthy Memes Your Family Probably Shared On Facebook

Surprisingly, this gallery is Minion-free
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funny stupid memes, stupid memes, bad memes, unfunny memes | Savage! Hello busy ABCDEFG__JKLM NOPQRSTU V W X Y Hi? Sorry l'm busy 70 Years in ice Result 20 Years with Wife Result

Wildly Unfunny Memes For People Who Like Pain

Just terrible.
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Hell Yeah I Am

Funny meme that reads, "Everyone: Are you gonna continue to post shitty memes? Me: ..." above a photo of a buoy in the ocean that has "yeah buoy" written on it
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What Are You Gonna Do About It

Funny meme about posting bad memes
Via ongabonga
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