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Weekly Internet Roundup: Baby Gronk is the Rizz King, New York Gets Smoked, and Apple Reinvents VR

Also, the two vintage meme legends unite.
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A compilation of funny and random memes and images.

Slightly Dated Memes For Lifelong Internet Users

It's difficult to remember the sordid memes of your past. Over the years, we've all quickly scrolled through so many funny images that only a select few have made a real impact on us. Sure, there are those meme formats that have been replicated over and over to no avail, but those timeless pictures are a rare breed. It's fun to take a scroll down meme-mory lane, looking back as some possibly dated , but timelessly funny combinations of words and images. Perhaps it's been many years since you've…
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Interview with Bad Luck Brian of meme fame, know your meme, history, internet

Bad Luck Brian On Life As An Influential Meme

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20 Tweets On NFTs & The Unstoppable Crypto Art Craze

At this point, what isn't an NFT?
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34 OG Memes & Posts That The Internet Went Crazy Over 8 Years Ago

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Bad Luck Brian at His Unluckiest

beer bad luck brian - 8482377472
Created by Unknown

Bad Luck Brazil

brazil world cup bad luck brian olympics - 8754014720

You Can't Win

bad luck brian video games Grand Theft Auto - 8505842432
Created by Unknown

Where Every Man, Woman, Child, and Baby is Carrying a Gun on Their Hip


So Close....

bad luck brian splatoon - 8527233792

That's What You Get for Being a Hipster!


Bad Luck Game Boy

game boy video games bad luck brian Memes - 8158257152
Via JeffKnol

Bad Luck America

government bad luck brian Memes - 7865405952

One Day, My Friend


And Somehow, They Managed to Take a Worse Picture Than Before

bad luck brian - 8438448128


bad luck brian grown up funny Hogwarts - 8413487360
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