bad life hacks

Funny and bad life hacks

Crappy Life Hacks That are Just For Fun

Everyone and their mother (or grandmother) seems to have some life hack to show off on TikTok. Whether or not these “hacks” are useful is another story altogether. While we prefer to get advice and tips from our friends, it's hard to ignore inane Russian life hack videos (they do so much with plastic bottles) and the screaming influencers who want to show you stupid ways of doing easy things. We're more into life hacks that are based in humor, or even complete irreverence. Like the ones you'll…
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Funny life hacks, stupid life hacks, bad life hacks grave | LIFE HACK: Die get out student loan debt. | Hardcore Way Eat Instant Noodles 1. Boil Water 2. Eat Block Noodles 3.Drink Boiling Water. 4. Snort Flavour Powder. 5. Fuck Bitches

Life Hacks That Are as Funny as They Are Useless

Try 'em out.
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Bad life hacks, shitty life hacks, bad advice, funny advice, funny memes, lol | do car starts making noises sound expensive inserting ear plugs | Life hack: if have girlfriend and hear noise outside at night and too scared go look just be like told this girl leave alone" and she'll always get up and check

20+ Questionable Life Hacks From Internet Geniuses

They're not totally wrong.
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Funny and bad life hacks, lol, humor

Stupid Life Hacks for People Who Want to Watch the World Burn

Burn it down.
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Funny tweets, bad advice, bad life hacks, stupid humor, spicy humor, dating

Stupid & Spicy Life Hacks For Entertainment Purposes Only

Questionable at best.
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bad advice, bad life hacks, shitty life pro tips, funny tweets, twitter memes, dumb logic, dumb jokes, memes, funny memes, funny, satire, sarcasm

Dumb Logic & Bad Advice For Comedic Purposes Only

Warning: satire ahead
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