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Language Fails That Display The Importance Of Education

While we realize that for many people education is a luxury, some of these errors are just too ridiculous to to admonish. It's pretty clear from these cringey pics that we either need to invest more money in our schools, or work harder to make autocorrect work for everyone, 

Funny language fails | Black Jesus Follow @BulHunitProof "c-Jah noun shit shake Jay Murphh Recent (18) Messenger Shit got shut down not too long ago bro Ohh why happen Somebody have c-Jah Had don't know spell bro but 's shit shake Imfao | VIRGIN 11:39 PM whitecap TODAY WHITECAP Are up do spell walfus LEGGO my eggo things Walfools Wall Fools Wtf Waffles dumb bitch Send chat
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