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40+ Hideous Houses That Are Experiencing an Existential Crisis

An architectural nightmare
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wtf, cringe, diy, fail, bad design, facepalm, ugly design, amateur, cursed images, yikes, repairs, crafting, furniture, cars, fashion is my passion, life hacks, funny, funny pics | roachpatrol: rainbowbarnacle: xploren: My cousin, ashamed after building chair IKEA. Oh god feel terrible cackling at this. Help every time stop laughing just look at fucked up chair again. lying on the floor | using metal hooks to hang cord from an electric power socket

DIY Projects That Really Don't Make Any Damn Sense

Janky repairs & questionable crafting
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Knockoff Brands & Comically Low-Effort Bootlegs

Some of these are better than the originals
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20+ Amusing Times Someone Couldn't Be Bothered Doing Their Job

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20+ Comically Awkward 'You Had One Job' Moments

Major facepalm
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Cringey & Criminal Design Offenses

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Tenants Bemoan the Perils of Renting From Slumlords

Ceilings across America are dropping like flies
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20 Examples Of Total Jerks Designing Things

Design decisions that filled us with rage
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18 Puzzling DIY Projects That Made Us Laugh

Some people have a lot of time on their hands
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Funny and cringey design fails from reddit | card with cute drawing of a red crab: CONGRATULATION HAVE CANCER JULY 22 JUNE 21 SUMMER BABY WERE BORN. Swastika lämp

Cringey Design Fails That Miss The Mark

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Funny meme that reads, "What a cool way to make new friends" above a photo of two toilets facing each other in a bathroom
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Really Good Point

Tweet that reads, "Hey YouTube, maybe don't put ads before first-aid vids? I don't have time to watch a Red Lobster ad when my gran is choking on a fish bone"
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bad cake decorations

17 Very Poorly Decorated Cakes That Are The Definition Of Cringe

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