bad advice

Pro Tip

Tweet that reads, "Before you leave the house, think of the acronym 'WOWEE' - Wallet, phOne, Wkeys, Egg, Egg (backup)"
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Student Life Hack?

Tweet that reads, "My essay is 642 words and I need 700;" someone replies with, "Change the word color to white and jwjbrjkreklshbfs away at your keyboard"
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Some Tips For You

Caption reads, "Five Ways to Appear Taller" above a bunch of ridiculous fake tips to seem taller
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Problem Solved!

Caption reads, "How to avoid getting stressed at work: 1.) Don't go to work" above a pic of Spongebob sleeping peacefully
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Let's Be Real, I Can't Even Afford That

"I love when people say, 'quit your job and just travel.' Taking an Uber from the bar to my house is about all the traveling I can afford"
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Twitter Is Handing Out Some Hilarious Bad Graduation Advice

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