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People Call Out All The Aesthetics They Hate With “This Style Sucks” Trend

So much ugly
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Snarky Takedown Of ‘Stomp Clap Hey’ Music Has People Reliving The Worst Of Early 2010s Culture

The early 2010s was a time period in a league of its own, and not necessarily in a good way. With a decade of hindsight, everything from planking to moustache finger tattoos is tinged with a distinct "what the hell were we doing" vibe. It's amazing how a short period of time can turn something from fashionable to atrocious, and this is especially true of music trends. This has recently been pointed out by Twitter user @lemonade_grrrl , who gave many people unwelcome flashbacks by reminiscing ab…
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I am complaining about the Spaghetti hack and Nacho hack influencers, Prego, tweets, twitter, nachos, facebook, wasteful, trending

Please Stop Falling For Engagement-Baiting Influencer 'Food Hacks'

We are begging you
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We're Sorry, but These Extreme Examples of Bad Taxidermy Are Super Funny

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Wow That's... Very Accurate

bad 2016 Memes image - 8989269504
Via dankmemesforsadteens


bad trashcan dogs - 6934497536
By adiadv10

At Least He Kept His Form

bad FAIL gifs chairs talent - 8271072512
By anselmbe

Seems Straightforward

bad logic funny sign - 8306124544
By Unknown
bad rap videos cringe - 63120897

Wait For It

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That's Not How You Drift

bad FAIL gifs cars drift - 8265373952
By Unknown

Spoderman Pls Halp

bad gifs super heros Videogames Spider-Man fall - 8188213760
By Philip8o (Via Youtube)

Nice Shorts

shorts bad booty - 7782803200
By Unknown

You Need to Work on Your Paint Skillz

bad ms paint love idiots funny - 7732996096
By Unknown

Not Everyone Understands Hump Day

bad whoops FAIL gifs funny - 7655116800
By Unknown

The 404 Fortune

bad fortune cookie funny - 7629483008
By Unknown

If Walking is Too Hard Just Hang On

bad gifs escalator puns funny - 7527496192
By ToolBee
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