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High School Bans Backpacks, Students Retaliate With Inventive Alternatives

The book stroller really helps with shoulder pain.
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twitter school students list Video backpack - 1179653

Teens are Over the Mannequin Challenge and Have Moved on to the Backpack Challenge

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The Gay Backpack

I see what you did there gay straight rainbow backpack - 8580666624
By GoldenRose

So That's How She Always Managed to Do All the Mom Things in a Timely Fashion!

Y U NO mom backpack - 8445489152
By TheJersy

I Want One!

awesome backpack fireball funny - 8223996416
By Unknown

A Teenage Mutant, to Be Precise

backpack funny wife TMNT - 8116195328
Via Unknown

The Perfect Backpack to Carry Your Little Buddy

backpack critters dogs gifs - 8018769152
By Unknown

Backpack Styles

infographic backpack - 7688575232
Via Goodmorningnight

Everyone Needs a Crapton of Pockets

wtf pockets backpack - 7152795392
By Unknown

It's in the Bag

school backpack truancy story - 7039351808
By freshbru


gangsta dora the explorer backpack - 3930716160
See all captions By Meelivins

Girlfriend's House

house embarrassing girlfriend condoms college backpack - 6849371136

This is How I Die...

school Death bees cancer backpack - 6739227648

"When School is Over I'll Take the Bees!"

backpack bees tho bells school - 6614940416
By TommyGx

Seems Legit

backpack Harry Potter obama seems legit sonic wtf - 5768580608
By QuadForce

No Time to Explain, Get on the Human

backpack bike goat human no time to explain wtf - 6328016640
By Unknown
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