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Funny nostalgic tweets about growing up in the '90s

14 Forgotten Things From Every '90s Kid's Childhood

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16 Nostalgic Pics And Memes That'll Really Make You Miss The '90s

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This But Up Hill And Both Ways

Caption that reads, "How your parents convinced you they got to school every day" above a pic of a guy swimming in the snow in Russia
Via WoahitsWelker
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24 Sentimental Memes To Remind You Of The Good Ol' Days

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Life Hacks From The '90s

18 Hella Tight Life Hacks From The '90s That'll Bring Back All Kinds Of Nostalgia

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For Real

Meme of DJ Khaled looking confused under the caption, "These days you will see 13-year-old girls posting stuff like, 'I want to forget everything and move on;' forget what? The multiplication table??"
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30+ Very Pointless Memes For Your Random Entertainment

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Gen Z Will NEVER Understand

Kids today will never understand the struggle of having to pick out a Myspace theme

I Walk Uphill in Winter Sometimes Too

parenting back in my day image - 8986720000
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Lara Croft Was So Hot and Pointy

Memes Tomb Raider back in my day - 7579489792

RIP Start Button

back in my day - 8146688512

Be Grateful!

back in my day christmas - 7974391040

Dem Triangles

back in my day Tomb Raider - 7892220160
Created by BloodyThumbsDown

Ah, the Good Ol' Days

trolling literal back in my day trolls - 7740281600
Created by RONIN1979

The Use of Wheelchairs Has Changed a Lot

Memes wheelchairs back in my day - 7601562112

Gaming Really Has Changed

Memes back in my day funny - 7510540032
Created by artbargra
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