Enraging story about a mom who refuses to pay her babysitter

Obnoxious Lady Refuses To Pay Her Babysitter Because She Got Free Ice Cream

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Mom denies babysitter payment after agreeing upon $16/hour payment, babysitter takes mom to court and wins.

Cheapskate Mom Denies Babysitter Promised Pay, Gets Owned And Taken To Court

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In Ya Go Squirt

Caption that reads, "Our friend came over to babysit last night. Ten minutes after we left he sent me this pic" above a pic of a guy about to put a baby in the oven
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19 Resentful Souls Detail The Worst Summer Jobs They've Ever Had

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Babysitting Gone Wild

Babysitter sees that her toddler niece is sleeping in a handstand in her crib
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twitter babysitting funny tweets funny notes Cats funny - 5470469

Woman Tweets Hilarious Instructions She Wrote For Taking Care Of Her Insane Cat

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It's The Only Explanation

Funny meme about girl whose babysitting clients bought her a car, someone comments asking how long she's been having sex with the father.
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When I Grow Up

kids babysitting walrus - 8357977344
By Zer0Parallax

Thanks For the "Favor"

bath babysitting cousin - 8282468096
By Unknown

Kids: Can't Live With Them or Without Them

babysitting kids - 8229278976
By racheljessie

Good Babysitting Involves Great Acting

babysitting i lied - 8224638208
By catzabunga

I Need an Adult...

babysitting kids oh god why - 7898043392
By Unknown

Never Too Young to Troll

kids parenting babysitting - 7845901568
By Unknown

I Got My $100.00

babysitting - 6549784320


babysitting oh god why - 7718598400
By sweetheart7

Super Fart Powers!

farts farting babysitting - 7639544320
By GhostBoy879
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