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The Funniest Disney Memes of the Week (March 11, 2023)

This week, the trailer for the new Peter Pan & Wendy movie came out. I'm shocked that Disney is attempting to do a Peter Pan live-action remake; If they think they can compare to Hook , they are out of their minds. Personally, I was obsessed with the made-for-TV live-action Peter Pan starring Mary Martin in 1960. It was an adaptation of the Peter Pan Broadway musical, so Disney didn't get their greasy paws on it. My favorite thing about Peter Pan the musical is that they cast a middle-aged woma…
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A compilation of memes about the Star Wars movies and series

Star Wars Memes For Star Wars Fiends

I don't know if there's ever been a better toy in existence than the lightsaber toys that dominated the shelves in the 2000s. They are 1000% cooler than those silly Harry Potter wands could ever be. They lit up, made cool noises, and were the perfect tool for accidentally whacking your sibling in the throat. When you're a child, whether you're an avid Star Wars fan or not, you feel an almost primeval urge to get into sword fights with other children. You could use sticks, flimsy foam swords, or…
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A compilation of funny memes about Star Wars

Star Wars Memes That Go Beyond Baby Yoda

Adult Yoda is included!
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Cringey pics and social media posting | photo of a crying woman with runny mascara with her mouth covered by a tape with the writing #Dontcallme karen | 10 May at 04:14 May 9th Self Care Saturday (Mommalorian feeling little better, hers head still has boo-boo heawls hers) 6ATM baby yoda doll

Cursed & Cringey Pics For Brave Eyes

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A compilation of funny and random memes

Gorgeous Memes For Stunning Girlies

If you are a young Gen Z, your vocabulary is probably rotted because of your exposure to the internet. Trust me, I would know. The way I speak has so man colloquialisms you'd think I was a character written by a boomer for the expressed purpose of making fun of young people. I say words like stun, werk, and fierce as if I was a robot programmed to do so. Friends have told me that because they hang out with me, they've started accidentally calling people “gorg” in corporate environments, much to…
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Seductive Car Wash Trend is Going Viral and Everyone is Taking It Way Too Far With Their Own Sensual Spin On Things

Get wet.
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A compilation of random memes, some having to do with mental health.

Mental Memes To Scratch Your Brain

Once you leave school and get into the regular routines of life, it can be hard to find new things to do that make you think. It's often difficult to find something exciting to stimulate your brain. Many people use little games and puzzles to keep their brains challenged and active, which is admirable. While doing a crossword every day probably won't make you a genius, it can imbue little nuggets of knowledge into your mind that previously might have just stayed in the newspaper. Personally, I…
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A list compiling funny and random memes and tweets.

A Cacophony of Compelling Memes

One of the best things about memes is they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. It doesn't seem like memes are in danger of extinction, but you never know. As a kid, I was anxious about the entire internet deleting itself in a burning of the Library of Alexandria-esque crisis. This dilemma kept me up at night; If the internet got deleted, how would I watch the newest episode of Annoying Orange and Charlie the Unicorn? As I've grown older, I've found much more reasonable end-of-the-world scenario…
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30+ Dank Star Wars Memes That Use the Force

May the memes be with you
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Funny star wars memes, amusing memes, dank memes

Star Wars Memes That Are Strong With the Force (Of Humor)

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27 Star Wars Memes Because It's That Time Of Year Again

May the fourth be with you
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Where's The Lie?

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Via LeoSenior
Funny memes about the mandalorian, star wars, bounty hunters, baby yoda, jon favreau, mandalorian season 2 | Waiting on next years season like Mando standing and sitting around by himself | One X-wing? Great saved. u/stormodin [laughter dumb bitch. Cara Dune It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

40 Mandalorian Memes With More To Offer Than Baby Yoda

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Funny memes and tweets, relatable humor, comedy, lol, baby yoda, uber | drunk af back an Uber trying not throw up @shitheadsteve Baby Yoda meditating | Well somebody missed morning meditation JAY FIRE Sheha monk flipping off giving the finger

55 Memes & Tweets For Bored Doom Scrollers

Scroll your worries away.
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40 Memes & Tweets Full Of Delightfully Dumb Humor

Fight the Monday blues with memetic fun
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funny memes, dank memes, star wars memes, star wars, prequel memes | calc class don't know have do and don't know do Kylo Ren Adam Driver | Anakin is father, isn't he? Father not pregnant. Are saying fat? Padme and Obi Wan Kenobi

25 Funny Star Wars Memes For All Fan Levels

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