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So Real

Boomers: Its rude to stare! Also boomers when they see a gay couple: truck turning in a tunnel
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If It's On TV It Must Be True

funny meme about baby boomers | Random tv ads you trust me? boomers with every cell of my body the Flash
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Funny facebook posts and tweets about Land O Lakes removal of native american butter maiden, facebook posts, old people facebook, boomers, funny | Land O'Lakes April 18 at 1:33 PM 6 Hwy land o lake happened packaging.where is Beautiful Indian prince | @Kylekashuv 2d Kyle Kashuv O Amazing s already gone packaging. Farmer-Ouned OLAKES wwor LANDOLAKESAKES STONS HALF AND OLAKES NOWT BUTTER HALF STICKS SUTTER BUTTER AND OLAKE UHSA BUTTER Far LAND LANDOLAKES Farmer-Owned 1700 528 27 107 1,558 ELIJAH O

Land O Lakes Says Bye To Butter Maiden, Inspires Cringey Facebook Posts & Memes

People are MAD.
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Funny tweets from the National Cowboy Museum | Nat'l Cowboy Museum @ncwhm Hello, my name is Tim and am head security Cowboy have been asked take on additional duty social media management while museum is closed new this but excited. My team will also continue protect and monitor museum. Thanks, Tim Send O 8,521 9:15 PM Mar 17, 2020 1,323 people are talking about this | Nat'l Cowboy Museum @ncwhm And these are his boots. Hashtag John Wayne. Thanks, Tim O1,313 3:17 PM Mar 18, 2020 88 people are ta

Hilarity Ensues When Cowboy Museum's Head Of Security Gets Put In Charge Of Twitter Account

Gotta love Boomers on social media!
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OK, Boomer

funny meme about boomers and coronavirus | climate change vs coronavirus boomers vs generation z
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Funny video of a guy playing a song called "Bank Account"

Song About Checking Your Bank Account Is A Millennial Anthem

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Funny memes, tweets, and Tumblr posts about the conflict between Baby Boomers and Millennials, Generation Z | Niraj Patel Boomers: relationships are between man and woman. They must have 2 or more children. Millenials: Relationships are between person with Netflix person with Hulu person with Disney person with Amazon Prime, and person who can cook. Together will keep houseplant alive. tweet by welplookathim Ma'am were classmates with Moses college classes cost only few shekels.

Generational Sh*tposts About The Boomer-Millennial War

This means war.
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He Tried, And That's All That Matters

Funny tweet by Jay Inslee that reads, "I'm a Boomer and it's time for our generation to do our part to defeat climate change. Ok, Boomers? (Did I do that right?)" above a still of Will Smith saying, "He a little confused, but he got the spirit"
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My How The Times Have Changed

Funny tweet about how Baby Boomers are embarrassed about therapy and younger generations are much more open about it
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Funny dank memes that make fun of Millennials

Hater-y Boomer Memes For The Frustrated Millennial

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Only Ancient Greek Kids Will Get This

Funny 'OK Boomer' meme from Ancient Greece
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Funny memes entitled, 'Ok Boomer'

Millennials Mock The Elderly And Out-Of-Touch With 'OK Boomer' Memes

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Funny memes about Millennials

Sixteen Millennial Memes For The Lovers Of Avocado Toast

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Funny screenshots, memes, and tweets of times that Baby Boomers got owned by Millennials

Fourteen Glorious Times Baby Boomers Got Put In Their Place By Millennial 'Snowflakes'

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Funny cropped boomer images, twitter, cringe memes, political memes.

Cropped Boomer Images Are Out Of Context Meme Gold

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Funny video advertising a product called 'The Baby Boomer,' which does absolutely nothing

Hilarious Video Advertises 'The Baby Boomer' To Fix Any Problem

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