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Surprising Times 4chan Was Uncharacteristically Heartwarming

Wholesomeness can be found everywhere, even 4chan
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Wholesome greentext about orphan who falls in love with blind woman.

Lonely Orphan's Greentext Is A Wholesome Thread Of Love, Redemption

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Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Neighbors

2 b hamlet not shakespeare soliloquy to be william shakespeare - 6608982272
By tonis

Never Forget Spiderbro...

b 4chan spiders Text Stuffs - 6327528192
By Unknown


b 4chan call me maybe Text Stuffs - 6287013376
By Unknown

I Just Hope That Piano Doesn't Have A# Edge For Your Sake!

b double meaning flat Hall of Fame literalism Music note - 6230059776
Via Demetri Martin

It Determines Your Worth as a Human

b ä choose wisely coke favorites pepsi Rage Comics xbox - 6161937152
By Unknown

Multiple Choice Means Multiple Mistakes

b c correct multiple choice Terrible Teacher tests - 6069980160
By Unknown

I'm Sure He'll B Fine

b bee bees double meaning homophone literalism misinterpretation - 5342589440
By Aristocles (Via

Mashing B

b Art Student Owl buttons calculus math raisins-super-fuuuu video games wikipedia - 5303485952
By Timcr810

To B or Not to B

b correct raisins-super-fuuuu test what - 5218118144
By zigh


b bill cosby cosine equation Hall of Fame math mathematics sin sine tan tangent - 5156350720
By Unknown

Dump Trooper

b Memes osama proof sea - 4717637632
By Unknown


b Blood double meaning failure runs test type - 4700550400
By Unknown

High Expectations Asian Dad: Disapointment

b blood test failure high expectations asian dad - 4552740864
See all captions By PizzaDeliveryMan

High Expectations Asian Father: No Honey!

b bee high expectations asian dad honey Memes - 4318264064
See all captions By spudnik94
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