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Caption that reads, "Guns n Roses have really toned it down" above a sign that reads, "Welcome to the garden - please respect the rules" above some made-up lyrics from 'Welcome to the Jungle'
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Axl Rose Totally Looks Like Chris Farley

actors axl rose chris farley fat musicians - 4736935936
By HopelessPyromantic

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Totally Looks Like Axl Rose

axl rose totally looks like funny - 7838600192
By Heli0tr0pe

Axl Rose Totally Looks Like Rufus from Street Fighter

Music axl rose TLL Street fighter funny - 6729906944
By Outamyhead

Hattie Watson Totally Looks Like Axl Rose

axl rose celeb funny TLL - 5534798336
By Adunay


axl rose cartoons Metalocalypse - 1396791552
By kristenjean