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20 Adorable Wholesome Memes You Can Show Your Grandma

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Why Yes, That Does Help!

Tumblr post that reads, "Whenever I'm sad I just think about how the Welsh word for microwave is 'popty ping;'" someone comments below, "That...that helps"
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35 Heartwarming Tidbits That'll Defrost Even The Iciest Of Hearts

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I Know You Did It!!

Caption that reads, "Which one of you MFs in here using a straw!" above a pic of a sea turtle appearing to crash through a wall
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31 Tidbits Of Good News For Those Who Are Sick And Tired Of Being Depressed

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'Scared Hamster' Is The Internet's Newest Cute Meme Craze

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Aww, Thanks Wikipedia!

Drake meme where the top panel represents Wikipedia and "Using ads" and the second panel represents Wikipedia and "Respectfully ask its users to donate money in order to keep the site running without ads"
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21 Dog Memes To Remind You Just How Derpy Those Big Floofers Are

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Aww What A Nice Thief

Tweet about someone's roommate, who got their laptop stolen; thief sent them an email asking if they needed any college note files back from their computer
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The Best Boi!

Pic of a suspicious-looking Samoyed with the caption, "Skookum sees what you're up to and is very disappointed" above a pic of him looking happy above a caption that reads, "Just kidding, he loves you and knows that you are trying your best"
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He's Sensitive About His Weight Okay

Caption that reads, "I told him 'you fat' and he started crying" above pics of a fat cat appearing to cry
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Pic of a cat jumping into a little drawer at the vet's office; Snapchat text overlay reads, "An attempt to escape the vet"
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