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Helpful Memes For People Trying to Stay Mentally Healthy

As a lifetime member of the Depression and Anxiety Squad , I've developed a pretty resilient sense of humor. In fact, I think that my trauma and related struggles might be responsible for like 50% of that humor. Over the years it's shifted to be pretty self-deprecating , but in my old age I've started to wonder if poking fun at my pain is getting old. Spoiler alert: It is. There's something to said about being positive through the hard times. I know that's not always possible, but a good substi…
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The Best Heartwarming Wholesome Memes and Posts of the Week (March 29, 2023)

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'Hi Dinosaur': Kid Strikes Up Adorable Friendship With Creepy Spiritwalker

Sully and Boo all over again
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A Big Batch of 20 Wholesome Moments & Heartwarming Images

There are good days and there are bad days. But the magic of being a human is that the simplest moments of joy can instantly transform the worst day into the best one. Just the other day I woke up emotionally feeling like a pile of garbage. It was one of those days where nothing went right—I locked myself out of my apartment and couldn't pay for a locksmith because earlier that morning, my bank called me letting me know that they'd noticed some fraudulent activity and had to freeze my account.…
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Sweet Moments of Wholesome Masculinity

With all the cringey incels and men's rights activists making themselves known both online and IRL, it's understandable to worry about toxic masculinity maintaining its grip on future generations. Many of my friends who have kids worry about bullying, bigotry, addiction, school shootings, and dangerous internet challenges. The world wide web has made many of these problems more prevalent. There's no way around it: being a parent is scary. Beyond those celebrities doing charity and making Instag…
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Wholesome Memes and Stories to Remind Us That Humanity Might Not Be the Worst After All

It's easy to log into Twitter or read the news and think we are absolutely f*cked beyond belief. And you know what, you might not be completely wrong. The world really does seem as though it is going to hell, and it often seems like there is nothing we can do about it. But one of the most clutch things about being a human is our resilience, and our ability to try to make the best of situations. Sometimes, instead of trying to tackle the big things like world peace or climate change, you need to…
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Delightful and Dumb Dog Memes & Pupper Pics

Dog memes for a little dopamine boost
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Wholesome Memes & Images That Warm the Heart

Those warm and fuzzy feelings
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Wholesome Moments of Humans Being Good

Faith in humanity: restored
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Cute & Funny Pics of Pets Playing Hide and Seek (Badly)

Pets are little bundles of endless entertainment. Twitter user @DustinGrowick recently shared an adorable picture of his cat disguised as a paper towel roll, and the post has inspired hundreds of people to reply with funny images of their own fuzzy masters of disguise. Keep scrolling to see our favorite highlights from the wholesome thread.
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Happy & Wholesome Memes For Turning Frowns Upside Down

In the words of Limp Bizkt's Fred Durst, “It's just one of those days.” It's one of those days where you don't want to wake up, everything is f*****, and really, everybody sucks. It's simply one of those days, when (despite not really knowing why) you want to justify ripping someone's head off. Okay, okay. Maybe we've been listening to too much nu-metal while operating within a thick and ugly funk. But seriously. We're not sure why, but everything simply feels… bad. Maybe it's because winter ha…
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Wholesome Instances of Dudes Rocking

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A Cuddly Pile of Dumb Cat Memes

Sometimes a good cat meme just hits different. Sure, they're pretty basic and often too dumb to comprehend, but cat memes are like perfect distillation of memes as a whole medium. If you don't know what I'm going on about, it's okay, I know you're here for the memes. Whether you're an animal-lover or just an avid consumer of ridiculous memes, we've got just the collection of cute and funny cats for your enjoyment.
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Dude Takes Car to Get Serviced, Mechanic Finds Live Jack Rabbit In the Undercarriage

A trip to the mechanic can be full of surprises.
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20+ Wholesome & Respectful Memes for Detoxing the Mind

Memes for feeling nice
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Wholesome Tweets about ice cream truck funeral procession

Video of an Ice Cream Truck Funeral Procession is a Bittersweet Spectacle

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