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Dismal Tweets That Really Sum Up the Millennial Experience

We're killing everything
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Funny memes about Millennials and National Avocado Day

14 Millennial Memes In Honor Of National Avocado Day

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Are Millennials Killing Avocado Toast?

Epicurious tweet that reads, "Move over avocado. We're spreading peas on everything;" someone replies below, "No the f*ck we're not"
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14 Avocado Memes That Have Really Hit Guac Bottom

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Funny tweets about avocado proposals, avocados, proposals, marriage, relationships, engagment.

Avocado Proposals: The Millennial Trend That Makes Us Want To Exit Earth

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That Aint Right

Funny meme about if Lays made avocados, avocado that is all seed.
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Collection of  Twitter memes and jokes about Time Magazine's Hold My Avocado article about millennials.

Time Magazine Tries To Make "Hold My Avocado" Happen, Gets Destroyed On Twitter

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Problem Solved

Funny memes about solution to millennials not buying cars - an avocado car.
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Happy Caturday

Funny meme of a cat in an avocado costume that says "Avocato."
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Try a Brown Paper Bag

Funny meme about avocados, making them look like an Apple product and riffing on how they are always not ripe enough or too ripe. Guacamole is extra.
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What Will They Think Of Next?

Funny meme about lattes being served in avocado making fun of white people.
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avocado - 8997430528
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Music avocado Video - 80013825

If You Love Avocados, You'll Love This Song

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The Avocado Window

avocado ripe - 7742323456
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The Life of an Avocado

bad avocado ripe food - 7022639616
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Avocado, I Am Disappoint

avocado great - 6621586688
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