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25+ Funny Typos That Are the a Pitta Me of Comedy

Bone apple tea
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30 Typing Errors We Don't Want Autocorrect To Fix

Someone call Scripps!
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30 Typos That Created Hilarious New Meanings

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20+ Times Keyboards Were Artistic Mediums Instead of Communication Devices

I cn sllep just fien.
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Duck This Sh*t

Funny meme about autocorrect
Via u/reaper5589


Funny meme, autocorrect holy shot basketball, jesus christ
Via Miiaka

Hell Yeah

Funny tweet where woman says she changed the word "no" in her mom's phone to autocorrect to "HELL YEAH" | can I have some people over to drink a little? umm hell yeah?? awesome i meant to say hell yeah you da bomb hell yeah rebecca!
Via MisterDeath

That's A Pretty Bad Typo...

Funny news headline that reads, "Autocorrect nightmare: typo in Bill C-45 legalizes cannibalism instead of cannabis
Via NicholasRyan22

'That Was A Ducking Good One, Jesus!'

Caption that reads, "When autocorrect hits you with 'holyshot'" above a pic of a Jesus figurine playing basketball with two figurine-kids
Via mamasgotthenastyjam


Tweet that reads, "I just realized when your phone auto-corrects to 'ducking' it means crouching down and has nothing to do with ducks. How did I forget that was a real word"
Via Chingchilla

It Really Does Feel Like This Autocorrect Always Happens on These Kinds of Damn Days

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Why Is This Even an Option!

web comics star trek autocorrect Why Is This Even an Option!
Via deadlypanel

You Trying to Get Internet Famous, Kid? Try Again

autocorrect trolling parenting - 8607725056

J-Man Scores!

autocorrect holy shot

Slip of the Finger

funny memes autocorrect makes me say things sign
Via reddit_isnt_poker

Every Ducking Time

web comics autocorrect Every Ducking Time
Via kevstees
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