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People Debate Whether Books Should Make Pop Culture References

No one wants to read and Google
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troll in the  dedicated section of books

18 Troll-y Authors Who Brought The Sass In The 'Dedicated' Section

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Rob Brydon Totally Looks Like H.P. Lovecraft

author funny h-p-lovecraft Hall of Fame TLL - 6105940992
By SomeCallMeCrusoe

E L James (Author 50 Shades) Totally Looks Like John Goodman in Drag

actor author celeb funny john goodman TLL - 6357500160
By ANewWayToBleed


author classics glasses Hunter S Thompson - 5274173952
By Unknown

Are You Serious or Just J.K.???

author best best of week seriously the most interesting man in the world twilight - 5152491776
By iamthebat

Stephenie Meyer Totally Does Not Look Like An Actual Author

author Totally Does Not Look Like undisputed fact writer - 5002518272
By chelseafletcher86

Author Johan Falkberget Totally Looks Like David Tennant

actors author David Tennant - 4461787136
By LadyBaelish

John Hughes Totally Looks Like Stieg Larsson

author books director movies - 4498225664
By Unknown


author Hillary Clinton politics - 4345091840
By Efreet69