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Kid Expertly Shuts Down Karen In Face Off With Her Aunt

Get rekt
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Mom Provides Funny Throwback With Homemade Eighties Beefcake Calendar

"Every Woman's Fantasy"
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*Leaves Room*

Funny meme featuring Guardians of the Galaxy about relatives making fun of you and you don't want to be around them because of it | My family: OMG you never sit and talk with us! We don't know anything about you! Me: *shares interests* My family:
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Funny meme about mom and aunt getting drunk and sending selfies.
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Oh, Hello

funny meme about being handsome.
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Probably Had Aunts!

ants aunt family monster Rage Comics sex - 4668069888
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Cereal Guy: Mmm Milk!

aunt cereal cereal guy fridge milk Rage Comics - 4434736384
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