Article about Clark Kent lookalike spotted at January 6th Hearings that people are thirsting over.

Clark Kent Lookalike At January 6th Hearing Sparks Thrist Tweets

Have y'all ever realized that politics can be kind of boring? That's why we're so lucky to have memes to spice current events up with wacky main characters. People who aren't on social media miss out on the fun side of politics facilitated by memes. While the events of January 6th were crazy and memeable in their own right, a new meme man has emerged from the hearings of the storming of the Capitol, and that meme's name is Clark Kent .
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Twitter Likes Its Men Trampy, As Revealed By Provocative New Meme

Such a tease
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An article compiling "she's a 10, but" tweets as zodiac signs

'She's a 10 But' Memes Get the Astrology Treatment

The “she’s a 10, but…’’ meme has blown up online over the past week. It originated as a game on TikTok, where friends would ask each other how a potential romantic partners attractiveness would be affected by certain qualities. For instance one person might say, “he’s a 6, but he gets his memes from Memebase” and the other person might respond, “he’s a 10.” Since it’s rise in popularity on TikTok, the meme format has made its way to Twitter, where countless iterations of the joke have been shar…
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Yup, It's Definitely The Plot

Funny meme that reads, "Girls: I watch The Witcher for the plot; the plot: ..." above four stills from the show of Henry Cavil as Geralt in the bathtub
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Funny tweet that reads, "Am I the most attractive woman out there? Of course not. But do I have a good personality? Well, no but do I wake up every day and try to be the best person that I can be? Also no"
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An Existential Crisis

Caption that reads, "When you look great in one picture and terrible in another and have no idea what you actually look like" above a pic of Matt Damon looking off into the distance, next to a pic of Matt Damon as a puppet character in Team America: World Police
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Well That's Depressing...

Headline that reads, "Your brain tricks you into seeing yourself five times more attractive in the mirror than you actually are;" someone replies, "This whole time I thought I was just ugly, turns out I'm ugly UGLY lol"
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Sorry Biebs...

Tweet that reads, "He is truly the most beautiful human being ever, wow" above pics of Justin Bieber; someone comments, "You can literally drive to your local gas station and find at least three people that look like this"
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It's Tragic

Caption that reads, "Me in the photos I upload vs. me in photos I'm tagged in" above a pic of Rihanna looking attractive next to a terrible photo of her
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Oh Hey There ;)

Caption that reads, "Hottest things in the known universe" above a list of "wash, the sun, quasar" and "The girl reading this"
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Tumblr post that reads, "I automatically that everyone finds me unattractive until they tell me otherwise, and then I assume that they are lying to make fun of me"
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Sorry Guys...

Tumblr post that reads, "'Men don't like that. It's such a turn-off;' good. Turn off. Where is your off button. Shut up. Please stop making noise"
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People Who Think I'm Attractive

attractive pie graph - 7698936064
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Attractiveness VS Fatness

fat attractive Gravity - 7685195008
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The Scale of Beard Sexiness

beard attractive - 7380353536
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The Sad Truth

Pie Chart attractive forever alone - 6602617856
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