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Couple Admit That They're Not Each Other's 'Type', Prompt Debate About Attraction and Relationships

Maybe keep this private
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Thristy Twitter User Gets Roasted for Revealing Head to Toe Black Outfit That "All Men Look Hot In"

Server chic
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Lousy Husband Gets Roasted for Complaining About No Longer Being Attracted to Pregnant Wife

He didn't need to say this on the internet
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Disappointed Tourists Share The Most Overrated Places To Visit

Don't waste your money
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Redditors Reveal Non-Dirty Things That Turn Them On

Is it hot in here?
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How Do They Know?

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The Invisible Fair is THE WORST!

attraction cant double meaning invisible literalism see - 6300248064

The Manfish

aquarium attraction awesome scary - 5887655424
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Forever Alone: We Have Sparks

attraction electricity forever alone sparks - 5762729216
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Blind Goggles

attraction drunk old Pie Chart - 5555734272

Philosoraptor: Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

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Short and Sassy, and Sanitary!

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Tall As Balls

attraction fair height IRL ride - 4721646848

What if He's Your Second Cousin?

attraction boys venn diagram - 4626355200

He's Definitely The Sideshow's Mane Coarse

attraction double meaning homophone horse literalism - 4643693312
Created by SpikeDawg
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