Funny memes about working in the legal field | aslan from narnia how judges feel try reference case court proceeding Do not cite deep magic Witch there written. tweet by durgesh99shukla Law Students' instagram should have way block everyone who's gone abroad do International Moot or LLM

Thirty-Five Legal Memes That Are Criminally Dumb

Take a break from tort law for five minutes and look at some memes instead.
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This Kid Is Going To Be A Successful Lawyer Some Day

Funny tweet that reads, "Never forget the time my brother missed the bus and wrote my mom this note" above a funny note written by a child who missed the bus to school
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kim k becoming a lawyer

Kim K Just Announced That She Wants To Be A Lawyer And Twitter Is Pretty Shook Over It

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Not Sure if Oblivious or Awesome.

accident attorney chuck norris injury IRL Memes - 5564824064
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