Funny attempts, funny fails | hoodie that shows the wrong message when the hood is down: ANTI ANIMAL CRUELTY CLUB ANIMAL CRUELTY CLUB. tweet by Heatherrnab Applied job and got this email back Dear Heather attached Jamie Oliver Chilli Beef Recipe not CV. CV file: Chilli Beef.docx

33 Valiant Attempts That Totally Crashed And Burned

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Trying My Best

Funny meme that reads, "I'm trying box, I'm trying" above a photo of a box with a label on it that reads, "Do not break down"
Via gwagwa1234
Failed attempts, fails, cringe, schadenfreude.

15 Attempts That Gloriously Missed The Mark

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28 Cringey times brands and adults tried to speak millennial, sad attempts at meme references, bad advertising.

28 Cringey Times Brands And Adults Tried To Speak Millennial

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Funny shopping fails.

19 Online Shopping Fails That Were Probably Worth It For The Laughs

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Tattoo fails, bad tattoos, funny bad tattoos.

25 Shockingly Horrible Attempts At Tattoos

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Kid's First Attempt At Jumping on Skis

ouch FAIL jump gifs attempt ski - 7026539520
By Unknown

Classic: Police Car Jump Fail

attempt classic FAIL gifs ouch - 6178754048
By anselmbe

When Doing Something Illegal Maybe You Should Be Aware of The Cops

GIF of car doing a u-turn to avoid a cop and it has the opposite effect
Via Senor GIF

The Sign That Started It All

attempt Challenge Accepted nope QWOP sign walk walking - 5407140096
By Talex1o1