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Emmanuel the Camera-Hostile Emu Wins Hearts with Continued Internet Antics

He knew he had to do it to em.
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Boomer Neighbors Harass Local Geese, Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Just wrong
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Male Self Defense Expert Wins Admiration By Showing How To Throw A Punch With Acrylics

True allyship.
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Funny video of a rooster named "Kyle" attacking his owner

Rooster Named Kyle Attacks Owner In True 'Kyle' Fashion

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Uh Oh...

Caption that reads, "My brother got a Pikachu suit and my dog attacked him" above pics of a dog attacking a guy in a Pikachu suit
Via anlyin

RIP Pete

Sign that reads, "This is a velociraptor-free workplace - it has proudly been 6 days since the last incident" with a small pic of a guy and a post-it next to it that reads, "We miss you Pete"
Via somethingNH

Only Two People for ALL Sharks to Share?

web comics shark attack Only Two People for ALL Sharks to Share?
Via lunarbaboon

That's One Talented Bird

funny memes bird attack quiz

Massage Attack

wtf gifs attack massage - 8510279680
Created by ToolBee

When Flies Attack

fly attack - 8564920576
Created by Nyan-Pony

Monkey Attacks Cop During Traffic Stop

mine attack cop monkey - 7592881664
Created by TSGIGOR


baths gifs attack Cats - 8554653696
Created by anselmbe

Never Trust the Watermelon

gifs attack surprise Cats - 8489278720

Also Got a Shiny New Hook Hand

3d alligator car attack florida bite - 8470340096
See all captions Created by shanebc01

When You Think You Will Get Attacked By A Shark

attack Bar Graph die shark shark week water - 2499558656
Created by thatchergleason


attack kids - 4602245888
See all captions Created by PaintLight
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