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Funny comments by people who didn't understand satire | K JK Rowling stands Karen. 9:33 am 07 Jun 20 Twitter Web App O50 839 281 Comments 102 Shares O Like Comment Share WRONG Her middle name is Kathleen. Do some research before posting anything on Internet! Also don't believe every single thing on Internet! | HERO4 GoPro THEHARDTIMES.NET Strapped GoPro On Bee See Why Bees Are Dying And Boy Did Find Out Quick Um? Bees are too small 's so fake 6m 1 like Reply

17 Times Oblivious People Didn't Get The Joke

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22 Funny Times Gullible People Totally Ate The Onion

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28 Times Intellectually Challenged Souls Believed The Onion

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Funny Reddit posts showing people who did not understand obvious jokes on social media | Water Water 1 kilometer 1 mile Americans Thomas 1 kilometer is closer though Gio 's literally joke person crawling in the desert | He thinks nobody can see him. Can see who? CONTROVERSIAL COMMENTS Thank mods, very cool cat, dumbass cat hiding under a box

Cringey Times The Joke Flew Right Over Someone's Head

Yikes, people...
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Funny comments on satirical articles written by people who didn't understand that it was satire | photo of the white house. actual hell Just read post man. Everything about this is wrong. BABYLONBEE.COM Democrats Call Flags Be Flown At Half-Mast Grieve Death Soleimani. Didn't know he died our sins ES BABYLONBEE.COM Trump Have Done More Christianity Than Jesus.

Oblivious People Who Ate Up Satire Like It Was A Juicy Apple

Delicious, delicious satire.
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fooled by the onion

15 Times People Gobbled Up 'The Onion' Like It Was A Juicy Burger

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