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funny meme about astronauts with guns, wholesome meme, cute meme, love meme | You in your entirety including your flaws struggles and insecurities wait it's all lovable? always has been
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For Whoever Needs To Hear This

Funny meme about how mens knee length shorts are ugly | Wait men's knee length shorts are ugly? Always have been astronaut pointing gun at another astronaut in space
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funny memes, dank memes, astronaut memes, stupid memes | astronaut pointing gun at another astronaut while they look at earth from space chicken tenders Always has been Wait 's all tendies?

19 Amusing Iterations Of The 'It's All Ohio?' Astronaut Memes

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Funny conspiracy meme about the earth being made of chicken tenders, all tendies. Astronaut preparing to shoot another astronauts while looking at the earth from space
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Informative thread from Mary Kowal about pooping and peeing in space, gender bias.

Super Blunt Twitter Thread Demystifies Pooping & Peeing In Space

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That's One Small Step for Carrot, One Giant Leap for Vegetable Kind

carrot astronauts - 8755621376
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This Must be How the Girl Scouts Feel

astronauts web comics - 8585679104
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Only One Guy is Ready for the Space Race

bikes astronauts gifs space - 8224545536

An Effervescent Bubble in Space

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At Least They Don't Turn Red!

astronauts france american flags old glory - 8083487488
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Towel-wringing in Space

towels mindwarp gifs water astronauts space - 7370135552
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We Takin' Over!

Canada nasa the moon astronauts space - 8131057920

Astronauts Used to Go Through Much More Work to Get to Space

yikes gifs astronauts space seems legit - 8416138240
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I Bet You Were Freaking Out!

astronauts moon landing flying - 8165276160

"Pssst... Hey Kids... Wanna Buy Some Moon Rocks?"

astronauts - 8142379264

He's Going to McDonalds (Behind the Counter, More Specifically)

nasa school the moon astronauts science math - 8101182464
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