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Billionaire Bezos Launches Himself Into Space, Gets Dragged & Roasted Online

Cool spacesuit Bezos, now pay your taxes.
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This Meme Keeps Getting More And More Creative

Funny 'Always Has Been' dank meme where the viewer is actually the meme | Always have been. Wait, they're the meme now?
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Funny tweets about the first crime ever committed in space

An Astronaut Just Committed The First-Ever Crime In Space

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It's His Dream

Caption that reads, "This carrot wants to be an astronaut so badly" above a pic of a deformed carrot that looks like it's walking
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The Perfect Portrait

Heartwarming meme reminding us of an astronaut's portrait with two dogs, he is smiling.
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astronaut posting pics of earth from space

Flat Earthers Will Say That It's Photoshop

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Ain't No Law in Space

drugs astronaut space image - 8986030848
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One Small St--

dark humor astronaut space web comics - 8813380096
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Can't Be All That Difficult...

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When You Get Fired and Need Space From Everything

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One of a Few Jobs Where You're Not Excited to Poop on the Clock

astronaut job space poop - 8756000768
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ice cream science astronaut Video - 78175745

Before You Next Choke Down Some Astronaut Ice Cream, Watch This Video

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Dream Smaller

astronaut space - 8603214592
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Might as Well Treat Death as a Vacation

astronaut web comics - 8599016960
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This Isn't the Most Practical Way to Face Your Fears

astronaut web comics This Isn't the Most Practical Way to Face Your Fears
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astronaut Captain Kirk hilarious sexy times wtf - 5435922688
Created by mlmurf
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