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Funny memes about the astrology signs using Stark Trek characters | ARIES TASHA YAR Can and will fight Edgy haircuts First charge into danger Totally unforgettable | CAPRICORN JEAN-LUC PICARD most ethicalest Refined tastes Is respected by friends and enemies alike Studies fun

The Zodiac Signs As Classic 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Characters

Live long and prosper
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The astrology signs, zodiac signs, astrological signs as thanksgiving foods

'The Signs as Thanksgiving Dishes' Isn't Nice to Every Astrology-Believer

While we know that astrology is a controversial topic (people tend to enjoy it, or they don't believe it, or simply don't care), we think that there are a whole lot of great memes that have come of it. There are also tons of astrologers and wannabe astrologers who spend time likening the signs to everything from cringey neckbeards to kitchen appliances . Usually we say the weirder the better, but our absolute favorite assignments have to do with food. I'll never forget the day I saw a post that…
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Funny tweets about the male equivalent of astrology, the society dude, joe rogan, libertarians, economics, astrology signs, zodiac signs

Tweet Spawns Hilarious Debate Over The 'Male Equivalent' Of Astrology

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Funny memes about how the astrological signs apologize. | Person - this is LEO apologize im sorry M upset but sounds like might be jealous

These Hilarious Astrological Apology Memes Will Trigger Every Sign

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Funny astrology memes from @notallgeminis, is this a pigeon.

Astrology Meets 'Is This A Pigeon' In These Insanely Relatable Memes

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