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Straight Dudes List All the Gender-Based Assumptions That Annoy Them

Not all men (no, really)
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Funny tweets about times people assumed stuff about age differences.

Funny Times People Made Misguided Assumptions About Age Differences

In rare instances, age gap discourse can be funny.
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I Hate That

Facebook post where someone says they hate it when people "a soon" sh*t" instead of "assume"
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Omg No One Likes Me

Caption that reads, "Me jumping to conclusions five minutes after I send a text and get no reply" above a pic of a kid flopping on the ground dramatically
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Pshh What Friends

Coke can that says 'share a Coke with a friend' with the caption, "Coke out here assuming a lot of shit"
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The Third-World Confusion

africa cities assumptions - 6998260480
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