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Spoiler Alert: Assassin's Creed is a Snooze

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Naughty Dog Accidentally Stole Some Art for Their Latest Uncharted 4 Trailer

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Who Cares?

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The Next Assassin's Creed Game Might Not be Until 2017

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Ubisoft Really Needs to Get It Together

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This Guy Made Real Life Versions of Assassin's Creed's Hidden Blade and Rope Launcher

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Feminist Frequency Reviews Assassin's Creed Syndicate

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Honestly, Assassin's Creed Unity is a Mess

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Man at Arms Makes the Assassin's Creed Cane Sword

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Assassin's Crane

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French Hipster Thinks Walking is Too Mainstream

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Evie Frye Doesn't Mess Around

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This Would've Been a Much Better Title


The Same Could Be Said for Gamers

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1000 Knees of Justice

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Hey, if It's Written on an Elder Scroll...

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