It's All Worth It For Those Sweet, Sweet Zzzzz

donald duck work asleep Memes sleep funny - 9147394048

I Can't Feel a...OH GOD the Pain

asleep numb Rage Comics raisin face - 4960765184
By Unknown

Buh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh... BATMAN

asleep batman - 7370656512
By Magnis729 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Like Bambi

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By Unknown

This Happened Today

asleep hipster Starbucks - 6582888960
By Unknown

Dog Days

asleep dogs - 6554927360
By Unknown


asleep foot help horse - 4714706944
See all captions By Unknown


actually asleep girl hilarious tired - 6488336384
By xemanhunter

They're Not Asleep Anymore

asleep movies volume - 6205711872
Via Ryan Selvy

Like I Need A Reminder

asleep awake brain jerk scumbag brain - 6158278912
By Biggmac4444

She Always Holds a Grudge

asleep bus creepy sneakers scary - 6017018112
By Janeva

Dawg Tired

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By SlightlySardonic

Does Not Apply at School or Work

asleep awake bill-oreilly caffeine coffee - 5784244480
By Rafamills

Classic: The TV Must Be In So Much Pain!

asleep feet kids parenting Rage Comics TV - 5559984640
By nicknackmadcat

They Are Serious About the Proposal

asleep double bomb Good Times proposal - 5385711616
By el.carl2

The Most Startling Alarm

asleep bored message Pie Chart - 5258821120
By brigetteb