Twenty-Three Men Share What Made Them Walk Out Of A Date

Red flags are one thing. But to make someone straight up walk out of a date is another. Sh*t's gotta be serious. Redditor u/PorridgeBeforeBed took to the r/AskMen subreddit to ask members to share their ejection-worthy date stories. We'll give you some spoilers: a lot of people are addicted to their phones, a lot of people are looking for free meals, and others don't seem to understand that a date is between two people. The stories are disappointing, but not seriously surprising. So strap in, get your reading glasses, and learn what not to do on a romantic evening.

Funny stories about bad dates, reddit, tinder | made walk out date on date with stunning girl, but turned out be one those people who are addicted their phones. Called her out on playful manner about her checking Instagram with sitting right front her and she got super defensive about like way too much said) and sat silence about 30 seconds which stood up, took my jacket and said "well lovely meet but ive got bounce"
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