Funny classical art memes

Cultured Classical Art Memes For The Enthusiasts Of Art History

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Classical art memes

15 Dank Classical Art Memes For When You Don't Feel Like Being In The Present

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A Work Of Art

Stock photo of a doctor telling a patient that he has to draw blood, above the same stock photo of him saying "thanks for waiting" and holding a drawing of a drop of blood
Via duffieldious01

Oh God.

Panel pics of an Asian "anti-Bob Ross" saying existentially terrifying things while he paints
Via GeneralNuclear

In Your FACE

Caption that reads, "When you and your friend argue and Google confirms your dominant intellect" above a pic of an ancient Greek statue holding up another guy's head
Via cottoncandies
classical art memes

18 Classical Art Memes For The Highly Sophisticated

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Rip. Off.

Caption that reads, "When he says poems and chill and he actually means poems and chill" above a classical painting of a guy reading out of a book sitting next to a woman looking disappointed
Via oenavia


Caption that reads, "When you photobomb your wife's painting, but now have to stand still for 13 hours" above a 1700s painting of a guy standing next to a woman
Via VulgarPancakes

Well This Is Awkward

Renaissance painting where one woman says, "You look tired" and the other says, "I'm just ugly"
Via VulgarPancakes

Can't Unsee

Caption that reads, "My fiance calls this painting at Panera 'Obama having a meal with various stages of Michael Jacksons" above a painting of several people sitting around a table eating bread
Via sgmacman


creepy artwork MLP FiM - 6962460416
By savannamia (Via Tumblr (Source may contain obscene material))

Undead Floral Cats

artwork Cats Flower skull wtf - 6158006272
By butterflyperception

Eye Scream

artwork ice cream scream wtf - 5681309440
By Mr_Torgo

Used Rubber Gloves and Everything!

artwork Badass touch win - 5500764672
By Unknown


artwork painting wtf - 5403794688
By Cyberkedi