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‘You pay rent, so it is your space’: Careless parents let baby nephew make a mess in adult daughter’s room while she’s away

The only thing messy about me is my bun
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Spice-phobic husband complains family doesn't accommodate his palate: 'He's a big boy and shouldn't be acting like that'

If you can't take the heat
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People Recall the Wildest Internet Discourse That Happened This Year

Crazy times
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Funny memes, dank memes, twitter, twitter arguments | Pov: you won an argument You're blocked 000 You can't follow or see @ s Tweets. Learn more
clever comebacks, witty comebacks, witty reply, reddit, twitter, funny tweets, burn, roast, facepalm, stupid people, funny comments, memes, karen | IndieWire Pattinson's 'Batman' Will Be So Raw and Not Sanitized Says Cast Member Peter Sarsgaard AMPAIGN Robby Slowik @RobbySlowik last thing world wants right now is raw, unsanitized bat | Snapchat: Fuck up Barbara 3m Like Reply Barbara She tried her best help and get feeling were probably bitch about hope they don't fire this young lady because

20 Clever Comebacks & Brutal Burns

People online flexing their wit
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Boyfriends HATE Him!

Funny meme about screen shotting as a surprise tool that will help you later
Via @memebase

It Me

Funny meme about arguments.
Via Statera

How Does It Feel To Lose?

Funny meme about proving your friend wrong in an argument by using google.
Via classicalfuck


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Just Had to Get Something Off His Chest

arguments gifs truth - 8499967744

Lock Logic

arguments relationships Jackie Chan logic - 8455701760
Created by death_by_rage

The Evolution Argument

arguments evolution web comics - 8159496960
Via Bizarro Comics

Art And The Internet

arguments art web comics - 8476763648
Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via Escapist Magazine )

And I Thought I Was the Only One

arguments showers Pie Chart - 7093324544
Via Books of Adam

The Struggles of an 8 Year Old

arguments friends - 8464911360
Created by gravedigga63

Cardboard vs Real Human - What's The Difference?

arguments sister logic - 8464076032
Created by Julie-Baka
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