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Infuriating Design Fails That Are Both Dumb and Impractical

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Dude Gets Dunked On For Proposing Housing Developers Start Building Underground

Who needs windows?
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Bewildering Moments Of Infuriating Incompetence

You had one job
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40+ Hideous Houses That Are Experiencing an Existential Crisis

An architectural nightmare
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Perplexing Examples Of Infuriating Design

The torment almost seems intentional
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Charming Thread Reveals Historical Popularity Of Cat Flaps

So cute
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Quirky Kitchen Layout Sparks Controversial Thread

It's multifunctional
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Jarring Thread Picks Apart The Worst Fireplace Design Ever

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A Fascinating History Lesson on Why Dubai Is the Worst City Ever

'Dubai is a parody of the 21st century'
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Weird, cringey and bizarre design choices

24 Cringey & Bizarre Design Choices

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Funny memes that make fun of mcmansions

Memes That Riff On The McMansion Aesthetic

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Collection of evil looking buildings from Reddit.

Reddit's 'Evil Buildings' Is A Treasure Trove Of Villainous Lairs

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The Attic Spaceship Play Space Almost Makes This $5 Million Home Worth it

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