It's True

Funny Lord of the Rings meme about peeing in the shower, gandalf, aragorn.
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Overprotective Father Aragorn

Lord of the Rings aragorn - 7702060288
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A Tale of Two Kings

aragorn lion king Lord of the Rings Memes - 6477107712
Created by UnknownBearing ( Via Unknown Bearing )

Originals Are Always Better

aragorn gimli Lord of the Rings two and a half men - 6254846464
Created by Codabah

One Does Not Simply Walt into Disney

aragorn disney Lord of the Rings Memes mordor - 5024642816
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Foul Bachelor Frog: The Arwen to My Aragorn

aragorn Arwen books foul bachelor frog galadriel Lord of the Rings marriage movies - 4965857792
See all captions Created by kaufis
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