Funny memes about April Fools Day | confessed crush at 1 April so can say April Fool if she/he rejected Modern problems require modern solutions | all look on April 1st 2020, hoping prank end CE AFTER SILEICNG 7ECHNICIANS OP aseLENSES HELIMDSC ISTER MACHINE made with mematic EAER

Fifteen April Fools Memes For The Pranksters

April Fools!!
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They're Coming

Funny meme about april showers and may flowers, jim halpert, blinds, the office.
Via worstigaccount

He's Probably Gonna Get an Aaaaaaaa

april gay seal may teacher Terrible Teacher - 6501185792
By Unknown

April Fool's Day Was Days Ago!

april april fools days Finland snow Y U No Guy - 6060725760
By Tonoottu

It Worked with SOPA

2012 april gas Text Stuffs - 6032368896
By Bronyforeverx3

Well Now We Have Our Calendars 'N Sync

april calendar may Memes nsync - 5986208512
By Unknown

Socially Awkward Penguin: I Just Call Everyone March

april june name Sexy Ladies socially awkward penguin - 5249018112
See all captions By Unknown