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Weekly Internet Roundup: Negging Boyfriends, Burning Man Chaos, and the Legacy of Smash Mouth

Plus, the rundown on the Tinder date Tabi thief.
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Plane Freakout Woman Tiffany Gomas Responds to Viral Fame, the Internet Reacts

We're still confused
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Musicians Are Making Their Own Versions of Midwest Emo Song Intros and the Results Are Incredibly Nostalgic

Top 10 Best Emo Intros: Musicians Are Making Their Own Versions of Midwest Emo Song Intros and the Results Are Incredibly Nostalgic

It's not just a phase, Mom
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Server Enacts Perfect Revenge On Pranking Customer

She won in the end
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Funny tweets about the existence of Apology Dinner, REDDIT, AITA, am i the asshole

'Apology Dinners' Are The Latest Concept To Perplex The Internet

It's all thanks to Reddit.
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Oh Sorry

Funny meme featuring Homer Simpson that reads, "Resisting the urge to say sorry after someone says 'stop saying sorry'"
Via smudgieloki
joe biden roast

Joe Biden Is Getting Relentlessly Roasted For His 'Apology' Video On Twitter

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Sorry Little Fella

Tumblr post that reads, "All of science fiction: human beings will resent A.I. and robots will never trust them. Real human beings: I had to apologize to my Roomba for stepping on him today, I felt so bad, he cleaned my whole house and I just stomped on him"
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Funny memes about how the astrological signs apologize. | Person - this is LEO apologize im sorry M upset but sounds like might be jealous

These Hilarious Astrological Apology Memes Will Trigger Every Sign

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Perfectly Formulaic

Tweet that reads, "Controversial tweet;" same guy replies, "I apologize for my controversial tweet;" someone else comments, "ANGRY TWEET IN ALL CAPS"
Via anlyin
Vegan youtuber caught eating meat, rawvana, rawvana eating fish, rawvana eats fish.

Vegan Influencer Caught Eating Meat, Shocks Loyal Followers

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canada memes

16 Canada Memes That'll Give You A Strong Urge To Apologize For Everything

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I'm Sorry For Saying Sorry

Funny meme about white people apologizing too much.
Via whitepeoplehumour

At Least You Can Admit It?

image cake apology At Least You Can Admit It?
Via browncardigan
amber heard apology Johnny Depp Video - 79551489

Behind the Scenes of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's Apology to Australia

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drunk apology college - 74986497

Apology of the Day: Drunk Mac 'n' Cheese Kid Has a Message For The Internet

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