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People Debate If We Should Be Getting Stressed Over Phone Calls

Ring ring
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LinkedIn Poll About Work Mental Health Days Provokes Discussion About Their Necessity

Everybody hurts
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Funny and relatable memes and tweets for people who have ADHD and anxiety, depression

Relatable Tweets For People With Anxiety and ADHD

It kind of feels like ADHD discourse has been at an all-time high. Everyone on Twitter seems to be discussing the disorder, and our advertisements on other social media sites always seem to do with acquiring medication for the issue, or receiving counseling for it. There's a reason for this. Over the past few years, it's become clear that attention deficit disorder manifests itself in many different ways - it's not just feeling fidgety or having a poor attention span. I recently was diagnosed m…
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15+ Times Overthinking & Anxiety Saved The Day

Sometimes worrying all the time pays off in the end
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tiktokers show and explain how anxiety feels to them through viral tiktok trend

New Trend has TikTokers Explaining and Showing What Their Anxiety Feels like to Them

A full glass sitting halfway off the ledge of a table; A pot over boiling with water; The feeling of your body filling up with buzzing bees—anxiety can come in many different experiences.
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bad advice, unhelpful tips, depression, anxiety | Dont Call Bitches Bro! Stop Racism ISIS STOP ! guy taking selfies with signs | zander @finah damn can say no this shit? RT O @RT_com 1 more reason say 'no depression: Scientists prove shrinks brain

21 Tidbits Of Incredibly Unhelpful Advice

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Sadly Relatable Memes for People On the Brink

We'll get through this together
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Depressing memes and tweets, tweets about depression,.

20+ Self-Loathing Memes to Take Down the Shame Spiral

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Memes about mental health, depression and anxiety.

Relatable Memes and Comforting Posts For When the Going Gets Rough

Anyone else feel depressed for the last few years?
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Funny memes about insomnia, sleep cycle funny | trying fall asleep. Anxiety KNOW RULES AND SO DO Rick Astley | Science: Humans need at least 7 8 hours sleep per night function normally My body: SEE MORE Best can do is 3 hours ?

20+ Relatable Memes For Exhausted Insomniacs

Memes for those sleepless nights
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Bleak Memes for Lifetime Passengers of the Struggle Bus

Let us out
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Funny and relatable memes about depression, anxiety, sadness, wholesome memes

Relatable Memes & Some Positive Things For Anyone Going Through It

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Funny memes about therapy, funny therapist tweets, twitter memes | Therapist: and does make feel am not very good at describing my emotions, maybe could just hold up bunch meme pictures until see one would normally comment word "mood" on | CLIENT SHOULD DO? THERAPIST DO THINK SHOULD DO? All right, then. Keep secrets. Lord of the Rings

30+ Therapy Memes And Tweets Because We All Need Help

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Twitter thread from @CArolineMoss of free therapy, the best things people learned in therapy, anxiety, depression | tweet by CarolineMoss If go therapy quote tweet this with best thing learned at therapy way everyone else can get free therapy. mrskimyadawson Replying CarolineMoss Anxiety causes put things off lot and group therapy worked on 15 minute rule If something feels impossibly overwhelming set timer work on 15 minutes and takes away about swan dive into bottomless hole feeling.

'Free Therapy' Twitter Thread Is Chock Full Of Wisdom

"If you go to therapy quote tweet this with the best thing you learned at therapy that way everyone else can get free therapy."
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25+ Things That Are Embarrassing When They Have No Reason To Be

Sky Ferreira was right
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20+ Screm-Worthy Possum Memes

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