Anti-vaxxers are one more controversial topic to make sure you liven up a family dinner with, so if you ever want to get an early free pass home, just go against whatever side your parents are on, and let the fireworks go off.

medical memes funny | Person - Doctor's whole career Apples | Mar 9 at 5.56 PM Please vaccinate children because diseases are coming back and as nursing student DON'T WANNA HAVE LEARN ANYMORE SIGN AND SYMPTOMS, DIAGNOSES OR TREATMENTS. THESE DISEASES WERE BASICALLY ERADICATED AND PEOPLE ARE GIVING MORE HOMEWORK

24 Medical Memes That Prove Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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19 Anti-Vaxx Memes For The Medically Inclined

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Caption that reads, "When your parents vaccinated you and you had to live a full life and become an adult" above a pic of a guy saying, "So this is bullsh*t"
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F*cking Savage

Tweet that reads, "There is an outbreak of measles in the USA. Fellow Ugandans, one shilling a day could save these dying kids"
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Eenie Meenie Minie Mo

Funny meme about measles, anti-vaxxers, white baby names.
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Funny anti-vaxx memes anti-vaxxers.

30 Anti-Vaxx Memes That Reject The Dumb Movement

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They're Really Disappointed

Caption that reads, "1300s kids that died of the plague watching unvaccinated children die of preventable diseases" above a pic of a guy watching down from heaven
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'Well Yes, But Actually No' Is The Perfect Happy Accident Of A Meme

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