funny comments on the facebook post of an anti-vaxxer mother asking for advice on how to prevent her child from getting measles | Natural Health Anti- Vaxx Community-Plooking recommendations. My 3 year old is not vaccinated and there is currently measles outbreak my state. Any suggestions precautions can take protect her would be very much appreciated. She's 3 years old..never been vaccinated anything? Well middle aged she's lived good life Frank's hot sauce

Anti-Vaxx Mom Trolled In Facebook Comments

Good luck, lady.
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Anti-Vax Mom Who Wants Outdoor Bedroom For Her Two-Year-Old Gets Ruthlessly Roasted And Parodied

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Ignorant Anti-Vaxxer Gets Owned By Good Samaritan In Facebook Comments Section

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A Measles Outbreak Just Hit NYC And Twitter's Rage Over It Is Real

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F*cking Savage

Tweet that reads, "There is an outbreak of measles in the USA. Fellow Ugandans, one shilling a day could save these dying kids"
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They're Really Disappointed

Caption that reads, "1300s kids that died of the plague watching unvaccinated children die of preventable diseases" above a pic of a guy watching down from heaven
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funny random memes

28 Random Memes That'll Fill Your Brain With A Moderate Amount Of Entertainment

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children of anti-vaxxers

Children Of Anti-Vaxxers Are Revealing What Happened When They Grew Up

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